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Andy Kehoe 'Into the Depths' @ Thinkspace Gallery

On July 7th at Thinkspace Gallery, guests were treated to whimsical, yet menacing narratives as Andy Kehoe presented his signature spirits and anthropomorphic creatures in a new exhibit entitled  'Into the Depths'. The show's title serves as a double entendre as it not only describes the artist's fairytale imagery set in lush landscapes, but also his introduction of the use of poured resin within the work that allowes for further accretions of depth.

Pairing poured resin with  his traditional paint and ink applications creates multiple layers that simultaneously suspends the imagery spatially as well as contributes to the work's seductive engima.  Andy Kehoe’s work draws the viewer into an enchanting world of personal folklore that is utterly captivating and this show is no different . 'Into the Depths' reminds us of the presence of shadows always lurking just beneath the surface.

Images courtesy of Sam Graham for Thinkspace


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