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Sneak Peek: Jon Rajkovich @ THIS Gallery

On July 20th, THIS Los Angeles will debut a solo exhibition of sculpture by Los Angeles-based artist Jon Rajkovich entitled 'The Sun Below the Ceiling'. Known for creating abstract sculptures that explore a material's ability to conceal, reveal, and disguise, this collection represents a continued departure from the artist’s earlier, highly finished works of brightly colored cast plastic. Now Rajkovich leaves the process of making the works visible, and the audience to decipher whether or not color is inherent to the material. By objectifying the creative process and providing clues to its material and formation, Rajkovich offers the viewer a shared experience of assigning narrative to the work itself.

The exhibition’s center work is a large, precariously balanced sculpture on wheels titled 'Heaven and Earth'. Says Rajkovich, “This work is partially inspired by the writings of Robert Johnson. I built a jagged wall that morphed into cantilevered, curvy forms, in hopes of invoking a sort of downward growth. But instead the sculpture kept getting taller, and I kept having to haphazardly bolt it into the ceiling so it wouldn’t fall over. I moved it several times to different locations, reincarnating the problem, hanging it from higher ceilings while I tried to resolve the bottom. My original intentions were superseded by the need to solve the more practical problem of balance between the ceiling and ground.”

Friday, July 20th 7-10pm THIS Gallery 5906 North Figueroa Street Los Angeles, CA 90042 thislosangeles.com

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