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'Round the Hood: Olek in São Paulo

Brooklyn-based artist Olek recently created 'Crocheted Jacaré' for the SESC Arts Show 2012 in são paulo, brazil. Developed onsite over the course of several weeks with the help of 'crocheteiros' crocheting collaborators, the project unites North Carolinian acrylic yarn with Brazilian ribbons in what Olek calls a 'multicultural mix' that completely covers the exterior of an alligator-shaped playground designed by Márcia Maria Benevento.

The project is part of the SESC arts show 2012, whose interventions are themed under the idea 'memory of things'. the exhibition runs from July 19th - July 29th, 2012 across several buildings of the SESC (social service of commerce) non-profit cultural institution.

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