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Spotlight On: Artist Kasia Domanska

The sun-drenched, surf-soaked paintings of Polish artist Kasia Domańska just screams of endless Summer days. These hyper-real renderings of folks with glistening bronze skin enjoying the warmth of the sun's rays inspires me to grab the SPF and go seaside.

Using the beach as a metaphor of life and it’s fleeting beauty, Domańska's works suggests thoughts of the eternal but often forgotten union between man and nature. With fairy-tale like colors contrasting and blending into one another, the artist creates a work of purity and balance which does not give rise to worry or confusion, but peace and calm.

"I look out on a summer’s day, a beach where we can daydream freely, where we look at the sky and we notice more than we do in everyday life." says Domańska "Everything seems easy, light and pleasant. We contemplate..“

Now if you excuse me, I must go and work on my tan...

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