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Kelly Allen 'Hidden Seeking' @ Thinkspace Gallery

On July 7th, Kelly Allen (interviewed) debuted her first solo exhibit with Thinkspace Gallery entitled 'Hidden Seeking'. Allen's trompe l’oeil collage clusters adorned the project room walls and as the show title suggests, explores the intuitive of aesthetic seeking and the unexpected combinations of images and references.

The San Francisco based artist takes representational fragments from nature and life to construct elaborate and stylized compositions. Everything from tigers and flamingos, to deer and frogs, to botanicals and bees, coexist with graphics and decorative patterning. The work is dynamic, kinetic, dense and chromatically vibrant: an unparalleled visual delight of graphic and natural intrigues.

'Hidden Seeking' runs until Saturday, July 28th. If you're in the area, be sure to check out Allen's latest work in person.

Images courtesy of Sam Graham for Thinkspace



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