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Sneak Peek: REVOK @ Known Gallery

On July 28th, REVOK will debut his second solo exhibition with Known Gallery entitled 'Gilgamesh'.

With 'Gilgamesh', the artist has refined his technique of cutting up and reassembling found objects that once had a life of their own. All materials are scavenged from abandoned homes, churches, businesses and buildings in Detroit, Michigan, the city where REVOK has taken refuge.  The artist extracts the beauty in urban decay, from dilapidated buildings and rubble of the past.  An integral part of the process of acquiring his materials is exploring the neighborhoods, going into abandoned buildings, investigating forgotten places and sometimes in the course, encountering the people who once lived there.  The artworks are then named after the street addresses from which he excavates his materials, leaving the stories embedded in the assemblage.

Images by Noah Levy via the artist's blog

Saturday, July 28th 7-10pm Known Gallery 441 North Fairfax Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90036 knowngallery.com


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