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Sneak Peek: Miss Van @ Copro Gallery

As part of its commitment to support art initiatives from around the world, Citizens of Humanity is pleased to announce its sponsorship of Miss Van’s Los Angeles exhibition“Wild at Heart” at Copro Gallery on Saturday, August 11, 2012.

Miss Van’s new series of paintings and drawings on paper and wood continues to combine her seductive and delicate muses with animals, adding a bestial element to her work. However, she introduces masks to her imagery, creating a trifecta of complexity, ambiguity and mystery.

Choosing to focus on details while isolating different body parts, such as eyes and mouth, Miss Van adds, “The masks allow me to show more feelings, other sides of a same character, hiding the face, partly or totally and embracing the animal strength, personality and attitude. I am illustrating the chemistry between the feminine delicacy and the bestial instinct, natural and raw and we all have this duality inside.”

Photos courtesy of Stefan Kocev

Saturday, August 11th 8-11:30pm Copro Gallery - Bergamot Station 2525 Michigan Ave, Unit T5 Santa Monica, CA 90404 www.copronason.com


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