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Sneak Peek: Max Kauffman @ Gildar Gallery

On August 18th, Max Kauffman returns to Gildar Gallery with an exhibition of all new watercolor and ink drawings on paper marking an evolution in his sought after style.  Titled 'The Reptilian Brain in Autumn', Kauffman's mystical reality, governed by its own array of symbols and myths, has now taken on a muted and anthropological tone.  Exhibiting his works across North America, Kauffman has gained a following for his ethereal floating worlds exploring the role of narrative as a vessel for creating meaning out of the often perplexing array of unrelated experiences people encounter everyday. In this latest series, the whimsy of the past meets with a sobering pallette as unstable visions form. An omnipresent fog invites viewers to peer through and devise their own reality as buildings and beings appear caught in moments of uncertainty.

Saturday, August 18th 7-11pm Gildar Gallery 82 S. Broadway Denver, CO 80209 gildargallery.com

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