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Dabs Myla & Friends 'Marvelous Expeditions' @ Thinkspace

This past Saturday, Thinkspace Gallery kicked off their Fall art season with 'Marvelous Expeditions', an exhibition featuring new work by Dabs Myla alongside a special curated group show of their closest friends made during life's travels. In addition to the artwork is a showstopper of an installation complete with an erupting volcano, pop-up magic mountain, and a collaborative wall mural with good friend Greg 'Craola' Simkins.

Dabs Myla's curated exhibit includes artists 123 Klan, Aaron De La Cruz, Askew, Augustin Kofie, Axis, Cat Cult, Dscreet, Dvate, EINE, Elliot Francis Stewart, Ephameron, Greg Lamarche, Honkey Kong, Johnny 'KMNDZ' Rodriquez, KC, KEM5, Logan Hicks, Luke Chueh, Mark Mulroney, Meggs, Misery, NEW2, Pose, Remi Rough, Revok, Rime, Stormie Mills, Tatiana Suarez, Tom Gerrard, Tristan Eaton, Witnes, The Yok.

In conjuction with 'Marvelous Expeditions' is Serge Hernandez 'Don't Trip' in the project room.  Be sure to check out the works in person. Shows run until September 22nd.

Photos by Sam Graham 

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