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Announcing: Raking Light Projects

Veteran tattoo artist Eddy Deutsche and entrepreneur Andrew Fingerhut have teamed up to create Raking Light Projects; an online contemporary art gallery specializing in artwork created by skilled tattoo artists. Based in Los Angeles, the online gallery exhibits work from an array of internationally recognized artists with a background in or relationship to tattooing including Guy AitchisonJondixTimothy HoyerBert KrakCarlos “WENT” Rodriguez and Derrick Snodgrass.

The idea for Raking Light Projects unfolded during conversations that Eddy and Andrew had during the tattooing process. A longtime art enthusiast and collector, the walls of Eddy’s tattoo studio are covered with paintings and other original artwork. Desperate for a distraction from the pain of being tattooed, Andrew would engage Eddy in lengthy dialogues about the background and artistic merit of these works. Gradually and organically the idea for creating an advocate-oriented platform for tattoo artists to pursue their creative aspirations became a reality.

To view the original art and prints that Raking Light Projects has to offer, rakinglightprojects.com.

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