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Sneak Peek: Greg Lamarche @ Joshua Liner Gallery

On October 4th, Joshua Liner Gallery will present Timeless, the debut exhibition of new collage works by the New York artist Greg Lamarche. Working in hand-cut paper, Lamarche’s collages draw from a vast archive of found materials, commercially printedpapers, and vintage printed matter. Through an interplay of abstracted graffiti language and commercial design, Lamarche enlists a profusion of graphic styles and bold colors to explore rhythmic repetition, multiple perspectives, and the suggestion of sound and movement. The artist applies a similar visual approach in mural-size wall paintings and large-scale environments installed in recent years.

For Timeless, Lamarche brings together a collection of medium-sized collages, assemblage, and paintings. Each is an exploration of letterforms inspired by graphic design, graffiti, commercial lettering, and art-deco fonts. The works range from the carefully planned and ultra graphic to the completely free-form “design by chance.” Although each artwork has a unique look, the group relates through the consistent use of found and vintage papers. By using materials from the past in a contemporary moment, ordinary notions of linear time are subverted. Lamarche’s works exist in a cultural context all their own.

Thursday, October 4th 6-9pm Joshua Liner Gallery 548 West 28th Street 3rd Floor New York, NY 10001 joshualinergallery.com


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