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Announcing: Scott Belcastro 'Trying to be Neither'

On October 20th, The Gallery in Venice and curator Stephanie Chefas will present Trying to be Neither, a collection of new works by surrealist painter Scott Belcastro.

Trying to be Neither reflects the artist’s most personal work to date. Through an assemblage of original paintings, Belcastro explores the internal struggles one wrestles with on a daily basis as he or she confronts life’s uncertainties. “These paintings are my inner most thoughts and a way of expressing how I’m feeling most of the time,” states Belcastro. “In these paintings, I’ve put myself in various situations where I am at the mercy of something. I am weak, sometimes strong, sometimes nothing at all.”

For more info, visit stephaniechefas.com. To request a preview, email info@stephaniechefas.com.

Saturday, October 20th 7-10pm The Gallery 74 Market Street Venice, California 90291

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