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Scott Belcastro 'Trying to be Neither' @ The Gallery

Scott Belcastro unleashed his latest exhibition at The Gallery in Venice Beach on Saturday. The show, "Trying to be Neither", was comprised of a series of portraits, many of them depicting man's development from a place of fear to a realm of power and bravery. Using assorted animals in various poses as symbolic gestures of both man and nature's eternal struggles, Belcastro depicted stark black figures against a wild backdrop of vivid colors. The impression here is finite space vs. eternity. The solid, stark portraits of both man and animal suggest place, while the restless backgrounds expand infinitely toward a nether-region that transcends not only time, but our innate tendency to compartmentalize reality. Therein perhaps lies the ongoing battle between man and chaos.

"Trying to be Neither" runs until November 3rd, so be sure to check out the works in person if you haven't done so. For more info visit, stephaniechefas.com.

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