Lean In Closer @ Stephanie Chefas Projects

On January 27th, guest curator and artist Max Kauffman asks that you 'LEAN in CLOSER' at Stephanie Chefas Projects. Kauffman's latest curatorial endeavor features eleven artists whose work relays discreet narratives through the use of pointed imagery and stunning technique. Hand selected by Kauffman himself, each artist hails from the tradition of folk, frequently expressing emotion and weaving captivating tales that compels the viewer to search beyond the surface and discover secrets lying within.  

Carlos Ramirez 'Complejo de Cristo y Vampiros' @ New Image Art

Carlos Ramirez returned home this January when he debuted his latest solo at New Image Art Gallery with 'Complejo de Cristo y Vampiros'. As one half of the artistic duo, The Date Farmers, Ramirez continues upon his signature Mexican American Folk aesthetic to create vibrant paintings brimming with social and political commentary. Native Americans blend with Coca-cola logos and sobbing clowns are combined with religious symbols that challenge the viewer to seek

RESET @ Athen B. Gallery

Athen B. Gallery is starting 2017 with a fantastic group exhibit featuring a mix of urban contemporary veterans and emerging artists unified under the banner, 'RESET".  With Augustine Kofie's signature retro-futuristic aesthetic alongside the expressionistic abstract forms of Dave Kinsey and Kelly Ording's geometric repetition, 'RESET' proves to be the gallery's most surreal exhibit to date.