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Art Chat with Brett Amory

Art Chat with Brett Amory

Portraying city life through architectural landscapes and isolated figures, Brett Amory's work depicts the urbanite’s yearn­ing for pres­ence and the seem­ing impos­si­bil­ity of attain­ing it.  These painting, collectively titled 'Waiting', are based on photographs the artist has taken during chance encounters of ordinary people in his home town of 13 years, San Francisco.  Amory's new body of work for 'Diry Laundry' opening August 4th at Thinkspace Gallery is a continuation of this acclaimed series.

In anticipation of his upcoming show, we had a chance to have a chat with this contemporary painter. Here he talks about how technology has changed his creative process, Velazquez, and what an average day with him is like.

The subjects in your Waiting series look lost or lonely as they’re captured in random moments of suspension and anticipation. What is it about these socially awkward individuals that you find so intriguing?

I can't tell you what I look for because I really don't know but there is a certain feeling I get and I pick up on it at first glance..

With constant advancements in photography, the beginning process for you has shifted from staged photo shoots to more spontaneous shots taken with mobile phones. How has this technology changed your paintings in other ways?

I never staged my older work but i put images together in photoshop. Since I got my Iphone last year I stopped altering my pictures and paint them as is. Having a camera on me at all times documents my day to day experience making the work more honest.

As the title suggests, the Waiting series refers to our inability (or struggles) to live in the now within our age of commotion; constant concerns for the future or memories from the past. How have you coped with life’s distractions in order to enjoy the present?

I am definitely guilty of not being in the present moment most of the time but I am aware of it. When I do practice being present I try to enjoy whatever it is im doing at the moment and not rush to get to the next moment.

If you could hang only one artwork from art history in your home or studio, what would it be and why?

Not sure which one but something from Velazquez cause he is awesome..

Tell us something about yourself we wouldn’t necessarily know.

I use to fix computers for a living but i got laid off cause I sucked at it..

If I were to spend the day with Brett what could I expect?

Painting in my studio, answering emails and checking Facebook..

Thanks Brett. 'Dirty Laundry' opens Saturday, August 4th at Thinkspace.

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