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Art Chat with Judith Supine

Art Chat with Judith Supine

Judith Supine's work is not for the timid. His surreal imagery created through distorted figures in psychedelic neon hues conjures up notions of being punished for one's sins. But there's more being said beneath the surface. From gathering found materials (such as books and fashion magazines) to create his collages, the visuals illustrate class issues, twisted ideals and culture clashes. By superimposing adult nude bodies on children's faces, Supine turns sexy into scary, innocent into depraved and privileged into pornographic as luxury brand supermodels merge with the world’s impoverished.

In anticipation of Supine's solo debut 'Too Much For One Man' at Jonathan LeVine Gallery, we had a chance to chat with the New York based artist. Here he talks about the inspiration behind his latest work, growing up in Virginia, and professes his love for kittens.

PC: Your (current) show at Jonathan Levine is a collection of new paintings unified under the banner ‘Too Much For One Man’. Sounds like an internal struggle is at play. What’s the inspiration behind this body of work?

JS: The inspiration is conception, but I'm now driven more by external snuggling than internal struggling.

PC: What was it like growing up in Virginia and how did it help develop your imagination/creativity?

JS: I played in the woods a lot.  I built lots of forts and traps for other children.  I spent most of my free time reading books, playing chess and drawing.  I also had a number of odd jobs.

PC: Since art is an extension of ourselves, it would be safe to assume you’re no stranger to mind altering substances? Tell us a little bit about your most memorable drug experience and how it has influenced your work.

JS: My current state of creativity is independent from any drug use in my past.  I've had a lot of drug experiences but I'm staying focused on creating without substances.

PC: If you could hang only one artwork from art history in your home or studio, what would it be and why?

JS: The Garden of Earthly Delights. It's a masterpiece.

PC: Tell us something about yourself we wouldn’t necessarily know.

JS: I seriously love kittens.

PC: If I were to spend the day with Judith Supine what could I expect?

JS: If you were to spend the day with me, I would make you clean my apartment while I volunteered at the animal shelter.

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