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Art Chat with Scott Belcastro

Art Chat with Scott Belcastro

Mood and things left unsaid rule Scott Belcastro's world. In each painting he effectively captures a moment of innocence, but exposes how vulnerable and subject to change that moment is. Seemingly stark backgrounds are infinite in scope, overflowing with loneliness and doubt. Bold, explosive colors are used to display the artists frustration and confusion in dealing with his unsettled spirit. His majestic beasts stand as a pillar of strength against adversaries. Belcastro describes these paintings as the little guy feeling tall even if only for a precious second.

In anticipation of his upcoming show entitled 'Trying to be Neither' opening Oct. 20th at The Gallery in Venice, we had a chance to chat with the surrealist painter. Here Scott talks about the inspiration behind his latest work, how he spends his free time, and an alternative life as an interior decorator.

You’re upcoming show ‘Trying to be Neither’ marks your most introspective work to date.  What’s the inspiration behind these new works and what can viewers expect to see?

The inspiration behind these new works is change and the ability to really do it....I think a lot of times you really get stuck in your position in life and to get real change there has to be some life altering stuff that needs to happen. Many times half measures are taken and that just does not cut it ....from where I am at anyway. With these paintings people can expect to see situations where an occurrence is about to happen and because of it there will be a result....It's not just something that will happen and everything will go back to the way it was.

With much hesitation I crept toward which was coldest inside of me

Depicted in many of your works are figures placed in various situations of weakness, strength, and nothingness.  It’s apparent that these figures are a self-portrait, but I can’t help but think the beasts represented symbolize you as well. How much of you is in each piece?

I would say that all of me is in every piece....I guess it's kind of passive aggressive but it's that way I paint. The animals are more of me feelings in situations so in a big way they are me.

It was now or never

What’s the most memorable comment (or question) you’ve ever heard someone say about your work and why?

I like hearing that the work is powerful.....That really makes me feel like I am doing something right.

Aside from growing up in the countryside of upstate New York, what about nature and wildlife do you find so inspiring?

It's just a feeling for me that has always been a pleasant one.....kind of like a snow day at school.... I have always liked looking at the sky and the way it contrasts with the horizon....It feels good.

My weak pleade for self change went unheard that day

When you’re not painting, how do you like to spend your free time?

I like to spend time with my wife....she's so much fun to be around. I also like to take rides....decorate my house.....I watch a obscene amount of movies.....

If you weren’t an artist, what do you think your occupation would be?

I think I would like to be an interior decorator....I love working with color and different types of furniture .....it's kind of a hobby that I have been getting into since I bought a home....

Thanks Scott! For more info about 'Trying to be Neither', visit stephaniechefas.com.

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