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Chloe Early 'Rainbow Ruins' @ Corey Helford Gallery

Inhabiting Corey Helford Gallery are Chloe Early's newest collection of paintings entitled "Rainbow Ruins". As an innocent figure dreams off into the unknown, it is difficult to ignore the clashing environments disassembling around her. Streams of colorful destruction drip uncontrollably while landscapes and objects disintegrate. Underneath shades of lush colors are heavy machinery, revealing an ongoing battle between technology and nature with human civilization trapped in the middle. Each painting's grand scale captures the powerful extremities that result from the confrontation between technology and nature. Outdated, bulky machines make technology no match to nature's subtle retaliating ways. Vulnerable in their position, the two figures throughout the collection invigorate the paintings with human attachment and emotion for both conflicting worlds.

"Rainbow Ruins" consists of vivid colors contrasted by absolute chaos. Technology's large advancements have muted nature's potential for years; Early inverts this rivalry and shows nature redeeming the power it once had. Human interaction with both nature and technology is seen throughout the collection, but is best captured in 'Submarine Sounds' and 'Botany and Betamax'-here the central figure's eyes gaze at the sky while she tightly grasps onto sunflowers in one hand and a videocassette recorder in the other. Roses melting on top of TVs, tree branches sprouting through walls, and plants swallowing massive cars are a few of the details that take Chloe Early's paintings to a unique level of artistry.

Be sure to view this beautiful collection in person at Corey Helford Gallery before it ends on December 8th, 2012.

Words by Jessica Portillo

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