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Sarah Folkman "The Burden of Adoration" @ CHG Circa

Following Valentine's Day, Sarah Folkman debuted "The Burden of Adoration", a far-from-mushy love body of work at CHG Circa. Her paintings expose the dark madness that grows within when the fine line between love and obsession is crossed. Varying in composition, her subjects are at their most susceptible state, nude and baring all forms of emotional instability. Some engage in intense eye contact, while others speak through their body language. Folkman maintains cohesiveness in this incredibly rendered collection by always referencing back to the dichotomy of burden induced by uncontrollable adoration. Folkman's piece The Burden of Adoration perfectly conveys what this statement entails. As if in motion, a couple's passionate affection for each other goes from heavy to disturbed. He stands prominently, attempting to withstand his partner's deranged movements. She, on the other hand, wraps around him using her whole body, controlling and watching his every move. Both evoke an underlying discomfort, yet are willingly unable to detach themselves from one another. In her other works, Folkman incorporates the wood panels as part of the composition. Vanity is one of the many pieces beautifully balanced by vibrant colors and raw wood grain patterns. This combination creates a symmetrical arrangement counteracting the subject's unsettling posture and gaze. Attempting to mimic the peacocks on either side only detracts from the beauty that surrounds her, making it even more unattainable.

“The Burden of Adoration” will be on view at CHG Circa until March 8th. Take a look at a few opening night pictures below.

CHG Circa 8530-A Washington Boulevard Culver City, CA 90232 www.coreyhelfordgallery.com













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Ray Caesar "The Trouble with Angels" @ Dorothy Circus Gallery

Ray Caesar "The Trouble with Angels" @ Dorothy Circus Gallery

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