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Brandi Milne | My Heart Shall Not Fear @ Corey Helford Gallery

Over the past month, every art magazine and online publication has been talking about Brandi Milne in anticipation of her latest work entitled My Heart Shall Not Fear.  And why wouldn't they?  This Southern California artist has it all: she's delightfully charming, has striking good looks, and above all is an incredible talent.  

As a self-taught artist, Brandi's work is always emotionally driven and speaks of her experiences with love, loss, and pain in the first person which undoubtedly gives her artwork a distinct voice.  Her life influences her artwork 100% with her current show being no different.  The core of My Heart Shall Not Fear addresses the aftermath of Brandi's mom passing away two years ago.  In her own words, "Before her {mom}, I had never experienced a loss in such great magnitude. It has left me broken, my heart in a million pieces. Two years later, I'm thinking a lot about life, death, and what lies beyond that." 

Knowing that such a significant life event was the soul of the show sparked my curiosity ten fold and so I traveled to Corey Helford for the opening like so many others that night. 

 The gallery was transformed into a surrealist dream with a special starry night installation, etched window display, and a series of paintings exploring mortality and renewal in Brandi's unique style. 

With each painting, I see Brandi searching for answers and reminiscing with memories of years past.  Childhood symbols are often portrayed like the merry- go-round animals in The Weight or a train set in Sleep Escapes Me.  

Some works touch upon life and death struggles in generals as with The Outpour, others draw upon Brandi's intimate loss such as Shadow of Your Smile

Hard to overlook was her prominent use of  reds in this collection.  Tones of red are used with the hospital cross on the nurses' uniforms, Lucifer's portraits, many of the figures hairdo, and even the coloring of the animal menagerie. But most importantly is the use of red depicting dripping blood appearing in so many of the pieces alerting us that death, loss, and pain are near thereby subtlety adding to the delicate yet dark beauty of her art.  

This new collection of work is assuredly a monumental step in color palette and narrative intensity for Brandi.  Many thanks to Brandi Milne and Corey Helford for an extraordinary evening. 

For more information about Brandi Milne and her art, please visit her website http://www.brandimilne.com/ or to learn more about My Heart Shall Not Fear, visit her blog http://myheartshallnotfearblog.blogspot.com/.

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