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Cleon Peterson's 'Daybreak' @ New Image Art Gallery

The graphic depictions of brutal violence in Cleon Peterson's paintings have never been for the timid, and his latest work is no exception.  Daybreak debuted November 20th at New Image Art Gallery. The exhibition draws inspiration and its title from Nietzsche’s Daybreak: Reflections on Moral Prejudices. Like Nietzsche, Peterson presents a world in which contrasting schemes of morality result in eruptive hostility between social classes. "The new work tells a story of social justice and people striving to create a new utopia. The beginning of a new era, a psychological and social revolution. I don't see these people as different races but, instead as binary opposition as the individual. A dark side and a light side and the conflict between the two." - Cleon Peterson

If you weren't able to attend opening night, enjoy the pics below, but be sure to check out the works in person. Daybreak runs until January 8th, 2011.










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