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Platinum Cheese Year in Blogging (2010)

Happy New Year Everyone!  2010 has been an exciting year for Platinum Cheese and I wanted to share some blog data along with the 10 most popular posts from the year.   

It was no surprise to find The Date Farmers gracing the top 10 twice with their highly anticipated debut at Ace Gallery this past December. Armando and Carlos brought a lot of positive energy to the prestigious gallery on opening night and I only state the obvious when I say their exhibition was 'well received'.  Other blog highlights were interviews from the unique voices of Carlos Ramos, Nouar and Annie Owens. I was pleasantly surprised to see that relative new-comer, Julian Callos garnered quite a bit of attention as well.  

Anyways,  take a look at the countdown below and I hope you continue to enjoy all that Platinum Cheese and the art scene has to offer!


Crunchy Numbers

A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 3,000 times in 2010. That's about 7 full 747s.


Top 10 Platinum Posts in 2010

1. 2010: A Visual Odyssey

Carlos Ramos delights and dazzles us as he pays homage to one of the most revered filmmakers in history with his retrospective, Kubrick.  Check out his interview 2010: A Visual Odyssey.

2. Retro Pop! Americana

With her exhibition Consumed By You, Nouar explores relationships of all forms and how we allow ourselves to get wrapped up in sticky situations.  Check out her interview Retro Pop! Americana.

3. Cleon Peterson's Daybreak @ New Image Art Gallery

Cleon Peterson's latest work tells a story of social justice and people striving to create a new utopia as he presents Daybreak at New Image Art.  Check out the opening night photos here at Cleon Peterson's 'Daybreak' @ New Image Art Gallery.

4. Lowbrow Tarot Project @ La Luz de Jesus

The Lowbrow Tarot Project features 23 artists using their unique creative genius to depict the 22 Major Arcana (plus the card back) in the rugged glow of the lowbrow art movement.   Check out the artwork here.

5.  The Date Farmers @ Ace Gallery 

I wasn't the only art enthusiast excited to hear of The Date Farmers upcoming exhibit at Ace Gallery. Check out the announcement here.

6. Things That Go Bump in the Night


Stunning artist and irrepressible horror fan Annie Owens has a flair for the macabre that dates all the way back to early childhood.  Check out her interview Things That Go Bump in the Night.

7. Crooked Comfort @ C.A.V.E Gallery

CRAWW’s new series of works is a stream of consciousness  rendering dreamlike portraits of brooding, melancholy girls.  The group exhibit presented evening highlights from Marie Barr’s expressions of self epiphany and Paul Chatem’s interactive folk inspired pieces. Check out the opening night photos here.

8. The Intrepid Explorer

Haven’t heard of Julian Callos? Don’t worry, you will soon.  This relative newcomer is turning heads with each new painting, and forging a style uniquely his own onto the Los Angeles art scene. Check out his interview The Intrepid Explorer.

9. The Date Farmers Celebrate the Bicentennial of Mexican Independence @ Ace Gallery

Their work is fresh and in keeping with what modernism has left us; the appropriation of found objects with aspects of collage. Check out the debut of the long-awaited exhibit by The Date Farmers here.

10. Opposites Attract

Chloe Early’s paintings are the stuff dreams are made of.  Fascinated by opposites, Chloe blends graceful figures with industrial elements against unfixed, seemingly boundless backgrounds, creating a utopian universe where the strange and wonderful collide.  Check out her interview Opposites Attract.

Will Cotton's Candy World @ Michael Kohn Gallery

Where the Gentle Giants Are: The Art of Dan May