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Spotlight On: Artist Jeni Yang

Jeni Yang is adorable.  Her artwork is an effortless blend of Germanic folk art and anime entangled with delicious sweets and sandwiches.  Though making bread in her magical oven has been the focus for previous exhibitions,  Jeni took on a more personal narrative in her latest body of work at WWA gallery's group show,  Superkickass.  While staying true to her love of culinary treats, Jeni dug deep within her psyche to reveal her inner most dreams and desires. 

The ideas and concepts in my work I had in the superkickass show are sort of a reflection of my life and the elements that live inside of my head. Usually they are people and things around me, dreams and memories. I try to work the food as subjects (as usual) into my work engaging the characters and stories in to each piece that I wish my views find them interesting to look at! ~ Jeni Yang

Personally, I can't get enough of her work and I hope you'll develop a craving as well.  If you missed Jeni at Superkickass, no worries. She's showing at GR2's Year of the Rabbit Saturday, February 5th and at GRSF in early March.

Check out Jeni's Backtalk interview with Juxtapoz in June 2010.  "This. Girl. Is. Rad." was the online editor's response to Jeni's 2o questions.  That pretty much sums it up!

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