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Looking forward to: David Ellis @ New Image Art

Visually stunning artist David Ellis adopts a more figurative approach for his upcoming show, Mola Salsa, at New Image Art.  Known for his organic work that exudes elements of jazz music (mainly rhythm, repetition, and improvisation), for this latest exhibition David explores his upbringing  in rural North Carolina. The result is a powerful mix of geometric and natural imagery that has me intrigued and eager with anticipation.

The title of the show, Mola Salsa, evokes a spicy California feel (very appropriate for a New York artists' west coast show) but is actually rooted in antiquity.  As stated in the press release: In ancient Roman religion, mola salsa ("salted flour") was a mixture prepared by the Vestal Virgins and used in every official sacrifice. It was sprinkled on the forehead and between the horns of animal victims before they were sacrificed, as well as on the altar and in the sacred fire. It was a common offering to the household hearth.

Enjoy the photos courtesy of New Image Art and if you're in the neighborhood, be sure to check out the works in person. Show runs until March 12th. See you there!

David Ellis | Mola Salsa @ New Image Art

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