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Victor Castillo | Rebels with a Cause @ Merry Karnowsky Gallery

We don't need no thought control...

To walk into the Merry Karnowsky Gallery last Saturday night was to enter a world of visually haunting imagery rooted in our collective youth experience. Referencing Pink Floyd's The Wall along with the Nazi photomontages by John Heartfield, Victor Castillo continues upon his themes of menacing children creating mayhem in his latest exhibition: Rebels With a Cause.    Stylistically, the show is a compelling blend of classical technique and twisted animation--perhaps a blend that's fueled an entire generation of artists, but Castillo injects his own twisted spin on it that's too engrossing to be ignored. And while the hollow gazes, hotdog noses, and sinister grins of Castillo's animated characters have always been hypnotically disturbing in their implicit commentary on social and religious propaganda, in Rebels With a Cause he elevates these indoctrines to a whole new level. Even the innocent forest creatures (reminiscent of Disney's Snow White or Sleeping Beauty) are lured to destruction, seemingly unaware of their pending doom. You as a viewer are left wondering if there's a conceivable future among the profound loss of values and ethics in a materialistic world.    Visually galvanizing and beautifully executed are just a few ways to describe Victor Castillo's latest work. F@*king amazing is another. Rebels With a Cause is a 'Go See' in my book and must be viewed in person to fully appreciate. You might even want to bring your iPod and listen to The Wall while gazing upon each work. Exhibit runs until March 5th.   



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