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Studio visit with Korin Faught

During the previous few months, LA painter and fixture on the art scene Korin Faught has been noticeably absent from the majority of openings. Those who knew of Korin's impending show and her creative process, however, were not concerned. For the remaining skeptics, all questions will be answered upon the unveiling of her new works this Saturday, September 3rd at the Corey Helford Gallery. Like a butterfly from a cocoon, Korin will emerge from a boho-style home studio to present her latest solo show: Voices of the Lake.

Beautiful, elegant, and refined are just a few adjectives to describe Korin's latest artwork. Known for her signature style of multiples, Korin is taking her aesthetic even further by depicting reflections for each individual portrayed within the paintings. And as the show title suggests, the majority of mirror images stem from her subjects being partially submerged in a body of water--the result of being pleased with a few photo experiments involving a black bottom pool. "It just felt like a natural step (to take)", says Korin of her latest concept.

During preparations for her 2008 solo show with CHG, Korin came to idea of multiples by happenstance through manipulating the images from her photo shoot. The repetition and symmetry added depth to the narrative of each piece that Korin found intriguing. "I've always been drawn to the symmetrical imagery of filmmakers like Stanley Kubrick. So after playing around with the photos and seeing these doubles, I was like, 'Oh! I like this!'". Fittingly, her found style possesses an eerie cinematic quality that is undeniably exquisite.

Voices of the Lake is a stunning collection of work that showcases Korin's increasingly refined depiction of feminine allure. And as usual, to fully appreciate the layers of subtle textures and hidden details in her paintings, one must view the artwork in person. The exhibit has a short run, so be sure to attend the opening this Saturday at Corey Helford.




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