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Looking forward to: Sylvia Ji @ Corey Helford

On Saturday, December 17Corey Helford Gallery will present “Gilded Roses” by Los Angeles artist Sylvia Ji. Ji is internationally recognized for her highly-collected works that capture beauty in its rarest forms, and her fourth solo exhibition with the gallery will be her most elegant to date.

A study of “the ornamented being”, Ji embodies this beauty as a rose in her new collection, “Gilded Roses.” For the exhibition, Ji will unveil twelve new paintings inspired by western European costume designs and modern couture. Ji explains, “As a child I would revel in and devour all things related to historical costume; it is a passion of mine. Bygone eras of corsets, crinolines, explosions of lace, feathers, silks, satins, glinting jewels—all gilded to a state of heightened beauty and sartorial elegance.”

Save the date: "Gilded Roses" opens Saturday, December 17th 7-10pm at Corey Helford.

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