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Barron Storey @ LeBasse Projects

On February 11th, LeBasse Projects in Culver City will debut ‘Soliloquy’, a solo exhibition from artist Barron Storey.

In his group of large scale off the page work, 'Soliloquy' takes us on an intriguing exploration of Storey’s transitive personal narrative.

An extension of what Storey refers to as his journal language, these works capture his subtle, elusive thoughts and experiences. The process of creating representations of his oftentimes cryptic graphic language, were egged on by imaginary companion christened “Fool”, a secondary sarcastic voicing of “what was not being said otherwise.”

We experience this internalized dialog in ‘Soliloquy,’ through Storeys’ mosaic of expressive and often darkly beautiful imagery. The dynamic content as well as Storeys’ process of abstract mark making creates a frenetic and emotional composition. Images found within these marks seem to emerge and recede, shift and twist, creating an atmosphere of dreamlike unconscious.

Storeys’ visual journaling of thought and experience is nuanced by a subdued palate with subtle accents of expressive color. The effect is further enhanced by the inclusion of textual passages creating a pronounced literal narrative accompanying the visual themes. Storeys’ work engages and provokes with this dynamic and emotive exploration, and privy’s us to a world of stunning self-referential expression.

LeBasse Projects :: Culver City 6023 Washington Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90232 lebasseprojects.com



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