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Brighter Doom | The Art of Scott Belcastro

Scott Belcastro’s paintings are a meticulous study of endless landscapes and skies; a struggle between illustration and abstract expressionism, telling stories of inner silence, loneliness and the search for something larger within ourselves.

In anticipation of his upcoming show at Iam8bit Gallery entitled 'Brighter Doom', we had the chance to talk with this unique artist. Here Scott gives us insight into his creative process, growing up in upstate New York and the inspiration behind his latest work.

The title for your upcoming show ‘Brighter Doom’ suggests an exploration of beauty and death is at play. Tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind your latest works.

I felt I wanted to play out the irony of things with color. You can't have one thing without the other. The only way you can know one is with it's opposite and I feel thats a great way to make things work with you instead of against you.

Your paintings are a contrast of multiple layers of detail and vast, dramatic backgrounds. Can you gives us some insight into your creative process from beginning to end?

I start off with a concept which I strip down to it's bare minimum. I like things very simple and basic, almost as if they were not there at all. I like to make atmospheres and then make up situations in these atmospheres.  They could be real but something is always holding them back from being to real. Nothingness.

You grew up in the woodlands of New York’s upstate region. Tell us a little about your experiences growing up in natural wonderland and how did it encourage your artistic endeavors?

I guess it sounds more romantic then it really is. The truth is that I grew up in a blue collar town that gets very little sunny days. I am a product of a place that failed in terms of beauty so I let nature and the woods and seasons do what it does best which is give you a glimpse into what should be.

Was anyone else in your family an artist or encouraged your artistic instincts? 

My grandfather was a comic artist and a sign painter....the old school type. I saw the artistic side of things when i was young.

In 2004 you moved from the rural country to the populated city of Los Angeles. What drew you to Southern California and how has it energized you creatively? 

It was time for a change ...California saved me in so many ways. I'm not saying I would never leave but it has gave me so much in terms of creative freedom. I love waking up early and seeing the sun out. I open my studio window, sit back and just daydream for the day.

If you could only hang one painting from art history in your studio or home, what would it be and why?

Jackson pollack , Convergence . I cant really explain why it just is.


Tell us something about yourself we wouldn’t necessarily know.

I am heavily tattooed .


If I were to spend the day with Scott, what could I expect?

Brief nudity , minor explosions, laughing , playing with puppies, popsicle races , benztropine , plant watering, 40 ounce races, tent forts, water pipes , and evening sun naps.



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