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Mike Stilkey 'Full of Smiles and Soft Attentions' @ Hong Kong Times Square

On view at Hong Kong Times Square is Los Angeles based artist Mike Stilkey's lastest exhibition, 'Full of Smiles and Soft Attentions'. Presented by LeBasse Projects, Stilkey's first international solo exhibit features the artist's largest body of work to date; a 24 foot tall installation along with smaller book installations in addition to other mixed media pieces.

'Full of Smiles and Soft Attentions' displays charming sculptures of a buffalo playing the banjo, horses in top hats, and a pink cat wearing a blue bow-tie. Most notable, however, is Stilkey's massive installation created in his signature book medium portraying an elegant, raven-haired beauty of Weimar-era German expressionism nostalgia.  Another highlight is the artist's tank shark sculpture that pays homage to Damien Hirst's infamous work “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living.” But unlike Hirst, Stilkey's piece is a more whimsical take on nature's killing machine.

The exhibition will be held in the central courtyard of the famous Hong Kong Times Square until August 5th. Be sure to check it out this impressive work in person if you're in the area.

Images courtesy of LeBasse Projects.



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