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Barbara Kruger 'Belief + Doubt' @ Hirshhorn Museum

"Belief is tricky because left to its own devices it can court a kind of surety, an unquestioning allegiance that fears doubt and destroys difference" ~ Barbara Kruger

Today marked the unveiling of conceptual artist Barbara Kruger's latest exhibit at the Hirshhorn Museum entitled 'Belief + Doubt'.  Featuring gigantic Orwellian messages that challenge the viewer to re-examine their faith, the exhibit occupies 6,700 square feet of text-printed vinyl in Kruger’s signature palette of red, white and black.

“Belief+Doubt” speaks to the social relations and networks of power that define daily life. At a time when the value of certitude is taken for granted, Kruger says she is “interested in introducing doubt.” Large swaths of the floor are covered in open-ended questions (“WHO IS BEYOND THE LAW? WHO IS FREE TO CHOOSE? WHO SPEAKS? WHO IS SILENT?”), while the area facing the bookstore explores desire and consumption (“YOU WANT IT. YOU BUY IT. YOU FORGET IT.”).

If you haven't had the chance to view Kruger's work in person, I strongly urge you to see this important artist's work in person.  Exhibit runs through 2014.

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