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Becca & Philip Lumbang 'Babes and Bears' @ LAB Art

On October 18th, guests were treated to an adorable fusion of styles as LAB Art presented 'Babes and Bears', a collaborative show by street artists Becca and Philip Lumbang. The gallery walls were adorned with the retro imagery of Becca's carefree ladies who lunch coupled with Lumbang's cuddly bears with infectious grins. And though the two artists' aesthetics are drastically different, their distinct styles mesh beautifully together (as evident to all who attended). In addition to the street artists' collaborative pieces, individual paintings by Becca and Lumbang were showcased as well.

'Babes and Bears' is a delightful blend of Becca's whimsical style with Lumbang's playful characters that is undoubtedly charming.  Enjoy a few opening night photos by Jennifer Strauss below, but be sure to view the works in person at LAB Art before the exhibit ends on November 15th.

Sneak Peek: LAX / HKG @ Above Second Gallery

Sylvia Ji 'La Catrina' @ CHG Circa