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Crucifixion @ Corey Helford Gallery

Figures of punishment and suffering resonated throughout Corey Helford Gallery on December 15th as the gallery opened their latest group exhibit 'Crucifixion'.  Featuring twenty-three contemporary artists, 'Crucifixion' is a seductive portrayal of a crucial allegory in the Christian faith.  From a clever interpretation on classical imagery as with 'Boxing Jesus' (above) by Nancy Fouts, to a luminous multi-religious etching by Maria Kreyn, this diverse exhibit conjures up fresh insight into an ancient theme. Artists include: Glenn Barr, Ray Caesar, Victor Castillo, Ron English, Natalia Fabia, Korin Faught, Sarah Folkman, Nancy Fouts, Eric Joyner, Benjamin Bryce Kelley, Maria Kreyn, Marco Mazzoni, Buff Monster, Annie Owens, Michael Page, Chris Pugliese, Candice Tripp, Mark Dean Veca, Nicola Verlato, Tom Neely, Lola, Tom Bagshaw, Amy Sol

Take a look at few opening night images by Sam Graham courtesy of Corey Helford Gallery, but be sure to view these incredible works in person. 'Crucifixion' runs until January 26th.

NancyFouts_boxingJesusNEW1 Nancy Fouts

CRU_11 Natalia Fabia & Benjamin Bryce Kelley

CRU_12 Natalia Fabia

CRU_10 Victor Castillo

CRU7 Tom Bagshaw

CRU_10 Adam Jones & Korin Faught

CRU_5 Korin Faught, Chris Pugliese, Michael Page

CRU6 CHG Loft  

8346861143_b44a156fae_z Sarah Folkman

8347918506_d13893dfb4_z Michael Page

CRU_31 Ray Caesar

CRU_5 Glenn Barr

CRU_8 Eric Joyner

Lola Lola

Amy Sol Amy Sol

Maria Kreyn Maria Kreyn

CRU16 Jan Corey Helford & Adam Jones

CRU_15 Sherri Trahan, Bruce Helford, Korin Faught, Benjamin Bryce Kelley

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