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Sneak Peek: Nate Frizzell @ LeBasse Projects

image Nate Frizzell continues his exploration of self-discovery through color as he debuts 'Spectrum' on January 12th at LeBasse Projects. In the artist's latest body of work, Frizzell will feature a series of large-scale oil paintings focusing on a single palette individually while creating a full color spectrum collectively.

"For this show, aside from wanting to develop a cohesive body of work on a larger scale, I wanted to see what Iā€™m able to do with the space and see how size can affect the subject matter", states Frizzell. "I decided to use a very limited palette to tell the story of the colors I use and explore what they mean traditionally as well as the feelings they evoke in me. I wanted each painting to have an obvious focus on a single color, but also use every other color in each piece.ā€

Saturday, January 12th 6-9pm LeBasse Projects 6023 Washington Blvd Culver City, CA 90232 lebasseprojects.com

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