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Spotlight On: Artist Camille do Rosario


I’m not sure what specific aesthetic sets off that innate inner click of mine that immediately translates out loud to "Me Likey!" But I do know that if you were to compare all of the artwork that has been awarded such declared "Me-likeys” there would definitely be a clear creative leitmotif that I gravitate towards (queue shameless tumblr link promotion here) and that is anything that says to me: "RAW!".  Brazilian illustrator Camille do Rosario's work pretty much embodies all of my raw aesthetic fantasies: Moleskin, hand drawings, digital collage, pencil, illustration, poetry, mixed media, and completely emotional in color.  You get the impression your looking through her visual diary— finished pieces appear unfinished, part pencil and part bursting with vivid detail.   This sort of polarity gives me the sense that I am standing somewhere in Florianopolis, Brazil and peering straight into her brilliant twenty-three year-old heart.  Unprocessed, Gritty, Passionate, Uninhibited, Rosario’s rawness is undeniable.

Words by Gabrielle Wooden. Images via the artist.





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