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Vitruvius @ Martha Otero Gallery

Jacob Hashimoto Currently on display at Martha Otero Gallery is a group exhibition fueled by the innovation of seven artists entitled ‘Vitruvius’. Featuring the work of Jonathan Brand, Gregory Euclide, Jacob Hashimoto, James Jean, Saelee Oh, Alexander Tarrant, and Eric White, the exhibition pays tribute to the first Renaissance man, Vitruvius, and presents a reinterpretation of beauty and aesthetic. From diorama landscapes created from found objects and painterly gestures, to a paper replica of a Ford engine fashioned together as a jigsaw puzzle, to a blunt coated with the saliva of Calvin Broadus (aka Snoop Dogg), the artists simultaneously engage and challenge the viewers to delve into new ways of seeing while acknowledging the charms of yesteryear.

Eric White

Vitruvius_Eric White

Gregory Euclide

Jonathan Brand

Alexander Tarrant

Vitruvius_Jacob Hashimoto_detail

James Jean

Vitruvius_Saelee Oh_2

Vitruvius_Saelee Oh_1

Saelee Oh

Vitruvius_Martheo Otero

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