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Sneak Peek: Christian Rex van Minnen @ Robischon Gallery

This Thursday, March 14th, Robischon Gallery will debut 'Welsh Rats', a new collection of work by surreal artist Christian Rex van Minnen. The show's title is derived from the German word 'weltschmerz', or 'world-pain' for us English folks. "I came across this phrase while reading John Steinbeck's East of Eden and found that it had a correlation to my work." states van Minnen. "It is an odd and sincere half-truth. It is a mistranslation that proves, nonetheless, useful. The same is true of my paintings. As an American artist I am concerned with what it means to be of European decent in America today. What are we to do with all of these welsh rats?"

Thursday, March 14th 6-8pm Robischon Gallery 1740 Wazee Street Denver, CO. 80202 robischongallery.com




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