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Jana Brike "My Parallel Lives" @ Galerija Maksla XO

Currently on view at Galerija Maksla XO is a collection of fresh oil paintings by Jana Brike entitled "My Parallel Lives". Painted in hues of blues, pinks, and golds, Brike explores intimate questions of our psyche; what do you dream, what do you desire, what do you want to create? By drawing into her mental process of the "primordial alive", the Latvian artist moves beyond social roles that legitimize our existence and delves into our human experiences and examines a life that is lived. From the "Woodsman's" quest to find absent hearts, to the innocence of "Virgin in the Mist", Brike captures the fragility and fleetingness of all things tiny and beautiful. "My Parallel Lives" runs until January 7th, so be sure to view the works in person if you're in the area. For those who are unable to visit the gallery, visit the works at www.makslaxogalerija.lv.

999638_10201042209488491_2106473234_n "Sailor's Wives"

Glezn_Brike_Darzasargataja2013 "Keeper of the Garden"

1463617_10200871548782080_1096757815_n Jana Brike with "Keeper of the Garden"

Glezn_Brike_mezsargs2013 "Woodsman"

wp7a34c342_05_06 "Daydreaming Soilder"

Glezn_Brike_Dravniekaligava2013 "Beekeeper's Bride"

1238037_10200530604538687_1934886281_n "Beekeeper's Bride" (detail)

1482931_10201014290790541_1249838368_n "Botanist"

Glzn_Brike_Ganins2013 "Little Shepard"

Glezn_Brike_Jaunavamigla2013 "Virgin in the Mist"

1426185_10200966035944200_2112467706_n "Aphrodite with Kitten"

996599_10200663909951239_1803613162_n Jana Brike in the studio

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