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Contemporary Romanticism @ Arcadia Contemporary

Currently on view at Aradia Contemporary is a three person exhibit entitled "Contemporary Romanticism" that features the talents of Mary Jane Ansell, Sam Wolfe Connelly, and Stephen Mackey. In keeping with the spirit of Romantic art, the work of each artist focuses on such emotions as apprehension, horror and terror, and awe by way of traditional portraiture and natural settings. Through Ansell's elegant women in repose, to Connelly's eerie narratives in desolate places, and with the satirical innuendos to death by Mackey, these artists reference the trademarks of early 19th century academic painting while simultaneously capturing contemporary themes with surreal scenarios. "Contemporary Romanticism" runs through May 15th at Arcadia Contemporary. If you're in the New York area, make a point to view these incredible works in person. But until then, take a look below at some images of the artists' work courtesy of the gallery.

EntreatOil on Panel16x 16 inches Mary Jane Ansell

mj_ansell_Beyond_The_Reckoning Mary Jane Ansell

mj_ansell_Of_Flights_and_Wonders3 Mary Jane Ansell

tumblr_mxnp6vwo2e1r25ltqo1_1280 Sam Wolfe Connelly

tumblr_n4jnraPZ3Q1r25ltqo1_1280 Sam Wolfe Connelly

umbra Sam Wolfe Connelly

tumblr_n4ech0M0xC1qcuoppo1_1280 Stephen Mackey

2828395 Stephen Mackey


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