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Hueman “Between the Lines” @ Project Gallery

Currently on view at Project Gallery is Hueman's new solo exhibit "Between the Lines". This new collection of work features her signature fusion of graffiti and expressive abstract compositions. After focusing on a few high-profile projects, the artist has brought her work back into a gallery space with an innovative theme. Her paintings possess a balance between free-flowing shapes and sharp structured lines. The faces that peer through the variation of layers act as the components that hold together the bursting forms. Through "Between the Lines", Hueman encourages viewers to literally lose oneself within the layers and uncover their own meaning. Hueman says, “When people look at art, sometimes they look for things that may or may not be there. With 'Between the Lines' I want to talk about human behavior and the tendency to place meaning and significance in what we see. I want to examine the not-so obvious: subtexts, innuendos, and the things that go unsaid. I want viewers to literally read between the lines.”

Her paintings echo a controlled chaos, as elements disperse yet remain still, enough for us to make out the individual immersed within bursts of color. These vivid colors and repetition stimulate her surreal compositions. The dissected portraits reveal an inner contemplation, a sense of feeling divided and mentally disrupted. Hueman admits to embedding her thoughts in her pieces and allowing her mindset at the moment to influence the spontaneity of each work. “All the work I do is definitely a snapshot of what I was going through or thinking about when I made it. And yes, sometimes I do get new insight into my life when I step back and look at some of my past projects.”

Make sure to view these incredible paintings in person and to attend an Artist Talk with Hueman at Project Gallery on June 21st from 4-6pm, moderated by art critic Shana Nys Dambrot.

Take a look at a few opening night pictures below. Photo credit: Eric Minh Swenson.




Hueman 2

Hueman 3

Hueman 4









Hueman 5


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