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On View: Jim Darling and VINZ @ C.A.V.E. Gallery

Only on view for one more week is “Above All Else” by Los Angeles artist Jim Darling and “Resistencia” by Spanish artist VINZ at the C.A.V.E. Gallery in Venice Beach. Airplane widow views and landscapes hang opposite to mixed media paintings of domination and oppression, creating a mixed air of tranquility and confrontational awareness. CAVE_JimD-WallInstall_01


Jim Darlings new work is a progressive development of his popular series “Air Plane Windows” in which he creates eight 3D sculptures out of handcrafted wood works that mimic the coveted windowpane of an airplane. While also offering us two large scale wood panels with hues inspired by “magical sunsets”. Each window granting us access to Darling’s meticulously rendered mosaic landscapes which take us on a flight across the Rockies that floats past the ever changing motion of the Pacific Oceans as the Heartland rolls on by. His subtle use of blue and green hues gives the viewer a sense of relaxation that highlights the environments ability to captivate the spirit of serenity. On closer inspection one can see the intersecting of open land and civilization, while others have a quite crashing of waves that rest at the vibrant sunsets of the rosy dessert. Allowing the viewer to have a non-traditional stress free getaway.





VINZ’s work creates a chaotic visual that jolts the viewer out of slumber into an aggressive reality where bird and beast headed nude females are dominated by armored government officials. His work comes from awareness about “current governmental, corporate and religious impositions placed upon society to establish social order at the expense of personal freedom”. Known for his street work project “VINZE FEEL FREE” the artist access the gallery to strengthen his craft while honing his message of protest against the dominant forces that exist. VINZ takes “orchestrated photos” to creates wheat paste collages on wood panels that are layered on top of newspapers and handwritten letters. The vivid gouache and acrylic paints cover the heads of the freedom fighters with hybrid rendering of various birds, sea creatures, bulls, and reptiles. Each animal created to represent Mayan and Aztec symbols, of repression (Reptiles), determination, (Bulls), greed and vanity (Fish), and freedom (Birds).







All images provided by the gallery

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