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Art Insights with Kazuki Takamatsu

With his latest show "Spiral of Emotions", currently on view at CHG Circa, it seemed like perfect timing to feed into our curiosity and gain insight on Kazuki Takamatsu's inspiration, artistic purpose, and future projects. He was kind enough to answer a few questions for us and, thanks to the gallery, we also have opening night photos of his show. Image 5 Detail shot of "Impression of Death"

What attracted you to the use of depth mapping in your artwork? Does depth mapping help to portray your visual idea?

It is very useful for me. Before I use a computer, I make a clay model and paint of it. However, it is very difficult to realize what I want to make. At that time, my friend who was using 3DCG told me that I should use CG and that I could realize what I wanted, so I started to use depth mapping. Using CG and painting is the best way for me to paint what I want to express.

What draws you to render female subjects in provocative poses?

Sometimes I make an artwork of a boy, but it is easy for me to paint a girl to show their emotion. The pose of my motif is to provoke for the rule, moral, and common sense which people believe is right.

Image 2 "Spiral of Emotion" Installation

Image 14 Jessica Louise Thompson admiring "Impression of Death"

Image 3 The prints from Kazuki's opening

What made you decide on retaining a signature black and white palette?

The black and white shows good and evil of human, positive and negative of emotion and human race and religion. The gradation is the symbol of the emotion of individuals.

Who or what inspires you?

Teenagers and 20 year olds who I've met and commented or massaged on SNS.

Image 8 Kazuki Takamatsu with artist Hikari Shimoda

Image 10 Kazuki Takamatsu signing a postcard for a fan

Image 11 Kazuki Takamatsu signing a postcard for a fan

Image 16 Guests at the opening of "Spiral of Emotions"

When and how did your interest in art arise?

I liked the art in my childhood but I never thought I would be an artist. When I was in high school, I didn’t like studying and I wanted to enjoy my life. Then I decided to be an artist. The audience gave me their smile when I held my first solo show in Japan. At that time, I felt I wanted to make good work for them and leave my name in the world.

In your opinion, how can today's youth benefit from having an open mind about art?

It is awesome. Each person should find their own world and opinion, so they have their own personality. They can make a wonderful future.

Image 7 Kazuki Takamatsu with artist Hikari Shimoda

Image 9 Kazuki Takamatsu with artist Luke Chueh

If you could collaborate on an artistic project with any artist (dead or alive), who would it be?

I want to collaborate with Yosuke Ueno, who is my friend. I also want to work with an inventor or entrepreneur like Thomas Edison.

What do you want people to walk away with after viewing your work?

I think negative feelings are not so bad. I believe it is a beautiful thing to make others think.

Image 15 Guests at the opening of "Spiral of Emotions"

Years from now, as art students flip through the pages of their textbooks, what do you hope they will find under Kazuki Takamatsu? 

It is one of my goalsI want to make the work is remained in history and attracts people.

What's next for you after your show at CHG Circa?

Nothing special so far. I want to work with CHG again and meet the wonderful audience and collectors. I must work harder and improve my work.

Image 12 Kazuki Takamatsu with a collector of his work

Image 4 "Spiral of Emotion" Installation

Image 13 Kazuki Takamatsu with guest

Image 17 CHG director Sherri J. Trahan with guest

Image 1 "Spiral of Emotion" Installation

Image 18

All photos taken by Ashley Richards

"Spiral of Emotions" is on view at CHG Circa until July 12th.

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