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On View: "Lost Moments: Scott Listfield & Friends" @ Gauntlet Gallery

Currently on view at Gauntlet Gallery is "Lost Moments: Scott Listfield & Friends". This show features work by Rebecca Chaperon, Nora Sturges, Simon Stålenhag, Hollis Brown Thornton, and Wiley Wallace alongside a group of new paintings by Scott Listfield. Through their different interpretations, these artists have compiled the profound concept of feeling lost within a familiar world. With recurring space motifs and a futuristic theme, the artwork transports us into the effects of the ongoing technological advancements. Although technology allows us to have answers in a matter of seconds, this accessibility detracts the spontaneity and satisfaction of discovering answers through curiosity and investigation. The "lost moments" rendered in this show, remind us of how lost we can feel among a world full of objects, logos, and sights that have become stale with recognition.

In Scott Listfield's paintings we see an astronaut staring blankly at a highway, an In N Out sign, and even a billboard, as though tranced by their superficial familiarity yet hollow significance. Hollis Brown Thornton also touches on technology with pixelated depictions, that although simplified in form, they don't hold us back from identifying the well-known. Overall, "Lost Moments: Scott Listfield & Friends" is a reality check that bares the truth behind technology's toll on our everyday lives. Don't miss out on viewing this collection of artwork in person. Take a look at a few images of the pieces in the show via the gallery.

scottlistfield1 Scott Listfield

lost moments 1 Scott Listfield

lost moments 3 Scott Listfield

Listfield Scott Listfield

SimonStalenhag Simon Stalenhag

SimonStalenhag1 Simon Stalenhag

RebeccaChaperon RebeccaChaperon

NoraSturges Nora Sturges

Hollis Brown Thornton2 Hollis Brown Thornton

Hollis Brown Thornton1 Hollis Brown Thornton

WileyWallace1 Wiley Wallace

WileyWallace Wiley Wallace

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