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ON VIEW: 2501 "Nomadic Experiment Anatomy of Restlessness" @ SOZE GALLERY

If you care to observe new work crafted by the Roman artistic sensation that goes by the name 2501, then you’re in luck. Because for the rest of the week his solo show remains on display at Soze Gallery in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles. 2501 is back. He is an artist who quickly conquered the gallery and the street. Recognized for his impromptu, international, and massive murals, and renowned for his fluid and precise aesthetic in the gallery, 2501 returns to Soze for his second exhibition in the space. The exhibition is dubbed “Nomadic Experiment Anatomy of Restlessness”. This show is part of a larger body titled “Nomadic Experiments”, which encompasses all of 2501’s recent creations, whether they were intended for gallery surroundings or to look down on their viewers like ants on the sidewalk from a warehouse wall. The idea of change as the only thing concrete is a concept that has been popularly accepted in describing 2501’s pieces. Immense volatility as a characteristic of artwork can be detrimental and possibly remove influence from said work. However, 2501 is an excellent exception to that notion, in that the wonderfully tedious compilation of his ink, ceramic, and hand pulled gold leaf pieces create something so new but still retain classical beauty. Some of the pieces at Soze take form as ceramic eggs with geometry and fluidity painted on in black and white. The aesthetic of the pieces on display inspire a lovely linguistic and poetic feeling upon the viewer, as if all the art in the room is working together to keep chaos at bay by containing it in a serene way. These “Experiments” 2501 has constructed along the way are intriguing and special, but still maintain a vernacular sensibility about them.

Head downtown and check 2501’s most recent artistic installement  and see some art about place and free ideas.

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