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On View: Lola "The Younger" @ 80Forty Gallery

Currently on view at the 80Forty gallery, is a solo show, The Younger, by single name artist Lola. Her work takes on themes that originate from the foundations of surrealist ideals, by using dreams and obscuring of the line that dance between adult reality and childhood fantasy. Using washy bold darkness and areas of bright vibrancy Lola captivates the viewer into her world of childhood reflection. Each pallet created to sooth and seduces the eyes with complimentary understanding that floats between a child’s dream of fantasy and reality. Displaying elements that reference adult life and responsibility, like gaudy furniture, music players, bedroom sets, and literature. While sophisticatedly mixing in childish elements like stuffed animals, reoccurring pop culture references plastic 50’s toys, and subtle Disney references, that seem inspired by artist like Mark Ryden, Nicolleta Ceccilo, and Marion Peck.

The foregrounds immediately grabbing the attention as the vast landscapes slowly fade out in that fuzzy area of memory, as the painter reels you into her distorted perceptions. She surrounds each painting with embellished wood carved frames that have a brassy coat, creating a direct connection with fanciful, upper class home décor that suggest her comfort and desire for that life. Depicting oceans, boats, and water both stagnant and raging subtly suggests an underlining turmoil. Which the female charters amplify, painted partially nude, suggesting her vulnerably, while standing and sitting before us with the weight of sadness and realization in her eyes. Something that only and adult can understand.

I’d like to leave you with a few words by the artist:

“If I can bring you back to your own early memories for even one minute as you gaze upon what has become my life’s work, you just might recognize a not too distant feeling of pure emotion as you were once so innocent. I wish upon a star that this feeling might have a domino effect, ease a day, and bring a smile. Because a smile is infectious and if our hearts are happy, nothing can stop us.”

Don’t miss your chance to see the show. You have until Jan 3rd to check it out.

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