Welcome to the latest art to emerge from the contemporary visionaries as seen through the eyes of Platinum Cheese. 

Sneak Peek: Sam Wolfe Connelly & Liz Brizzi @ Roq La Rue Gallery

Tonight at Roq la Rue are two concurrent solos by New York painter Sam Wolfe Connelly and LA artist Liz Brizzi. Connelly returns to the gallery with "And Here I Lay", a dark autobiographical collection of work that evokes feelings of horror and wrong doings caught in the midst of a narrative. Brizzi's gallery debut entitled "Anagrams", features the artist's industrial cityscapes void of denizen thereby conveying a stark, dreamlike dystopian. For those who are in the Seattle area, be sure to experience this visual treat and visit Roq la Rue this March. Until then, take a peek of a few preview images below courtesy of the gallery.

Thursday, March 5th 6-9pm Roq La Rue Gallery 532 1st Ave S. (near King St.) Seattle, WA 98104 www.roqlarue.com

Sneak Peek: Shaun Roberts "Ground of Being" @ Hashimoto Contemporary

On View: 1010 "Limbus" @ Hashimoto Contemporary

On View: 1010 "Limbus" @ Hashimoto Contemporary