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Sneak Peek: Ben Venom @ Guerrero Gallery

Ben Venom's work is menacing and aggressive with counterculture elements of biker gangs, heavy metal music, and the occult. In other words, it's bad ass! That's why we're excited to learn of his upcoming exhibit at Guerrero Gallery this Saturday entitled "Piece of Mind". "Piece of Mind" will feature fifteen new works that present the introduction of new materials into Venom’s process as well as greater intricacy in his designs. Denim and Leather are brought together in large-scale quilts and motorcycle jackets. Referencing the acid wash trends of the 1980’s, Venom hand bleached nearly all of the denim used in the show. Used leather jackets and Harley Davidson apparel appear alongside his staple of heavy metal t-shirts will have you immersed with imagery of soaring eagles, charging tigers, whips and chains. All bets are off wherever you may roam.

Saturday, September 14th 7-10pm Guerrero Gallery 2700 19th Street San Francisco, CA 94110 guerrerogallery.com



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