All in On View

Augustine Kofie 'Build From Memory' @ Galerie Openspace

Augustine Kofie continues to push and explore technologies and strategies to build up space within his work, and in each series he poses himself a new problem to be solved. Build From Memory began with the challenge of how to produce dynamic movement from a stable, static (horizontal/vertical) foundation. The answer came in the form diagonal “breaks”, perspectival lines that produce volume, protrusion, immersion, and depth in the horizontal-vertical system. It is these breaks that are built from memory and inspire the title of the collection, for they come directly from the 3D technique of traditional letter writing practices such as sign painting or graffiti.

Marco Mazzoni 'Dear Collapse' @ Thinkspace

Marco Mazzoni's chiaroscuro drawings depict women consumed by a hallucinogenic flood of flora and fauna. Whether coming from within or without, flower petals and butterfly wings merge with the subjects to create a haunting snapshot of sensuality. Inspired by Sardinian folklore and matriarchal culture, 'Dear Collapse' explores nature's mysteries of life and death.  

Evan Hecox 'The Long Way' @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Earlier this month, Evan Hecox unveiled his fourth solo show with  Joshua Liner Gallery entitled, The Long Way. Hecox's latest  collection of work reflects the artist's fascination with the terrain and topography of the Southwest, as these works on paper serve as a visual link to his recent road trip through this area of the US. Each work was created from sketches and memories of his travels, reflecting the character of these often arid and open spaces. Hecox explores the cultural past of the area with reductive works that leave us with whispers and hints at history. Abandoned cars and structures, add to a sense of a long past, here reduced to clean and clear lines and form.

Carlos Ramirez 'Complejo de Cristo y Vampiros' @ New Image Art

Carlos Ramirez returned home this January when he debuted his latest solo at New Image Art Gallery with 'Complejo de Cristo y Vampiros'. As one half of the artistic duo, The Date Farmers, Ramirez continues upon his signature Mexican American Folk aesthetic to create vibrant paintings brimming with social and political commentary. Native Americans blend with Coca-cola logos and sobbing clowns are combined with religious symbols that challenge the viewer to seek