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Laura Berger + Sarah Bowser @ Athen B. Gallery

This Saturday, Athen B. Gallery welcomes the return of Laura Berger and introduces new comer Sarah Bowser with 'Nobody, Everybody'. The duo exhibit features Berger's acrylic and gouache paintings of playful naked humans within minimalistic environments. The Chicago based artist explores more personal narratives with this collection centered around family and connection. Bowser creates paper-cut collages to express feelings of anxiety. Her interiors depict imperfect realities of seemingly trivial objects (fallen flowers or broken pots) set against cheerful color palettes and domestic scenes.   

'Spectators' @ Athen B. Gallery

Molly Bounds, Caleb Hahne, and Michael Reeder unveil new work this Saturday at Athen B. Gallery unified under the banner 'Spectators'. The exhibit highlights distinct narratives told through a common thread - the elements of human nature. With each painting, an identity, perspective and experience has been embraced by the respective artist that illustrates subtle nuances of humanity.. From Bounds' illustrative stills, to Hahne's exploration of symbolism, and the mix of realism with flat graphic space of Reeder's work, 'Spectators' aims for a diverse, yet cohesive exhibit that doesn't disappoint.  

RESET @ Athen B. Gallery

Athen B. Gallery is starting 2017 with a fantastic group exhibit featuring a mix of urban contemporary veterans and emerging artists unified under the banner, 'RESET".  With Augustine Kofie's signature retro-futuristic aesthetic alongside the expressionistic abstract forms of Dave Kinsey and Kelly Ording's geometric repetition, 'RESET' proves to be the gallery's most surreal exhibit to date.