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'Round the Hood: Above in Johannesburg

Taking a clear stance on the trading of conflict diamonds in Africa, a continent which produces more than two-thirds of the world’s supply, is the latest work from artist ABOVE. Johannesburg’s Jewel City, the largest diamond trader in the area and a six-block compound that houses more than 300 individual traders as well as South Africa’s Diamond Board and State Traders Association, serves as the setting for the piece. Lying to the owners with a plan to paint “DIAMONDS ARE A WOMAN’S BEST FRIEND” on the wall of the facility, ABOVE added “AND A MAN’S WORST ENEMY” to the work, thus signifying the condemnation of the blood diamond industry.

'Round the Hood: JR & José Parlá in Havana, Cuba

'Round the Hood: JR & Liu Bolin in New York